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Go all the places!

Get a map. Close your eyes. Point.
Now, let's send you there.


I'm Ange, your friendly neighbourhood travel agent with Go Travel. Travel has always been my thing. Friends greet me with "Where's the next trip to?" instead of "Hello". As a kid, in the pre-Internet age (eep!), I devoured books and magazines about travel, making a mental list of all the places I needed to see.


Many years and countries later (52 and counting), I'm in my dream job - handcrafting amazing adventures all over the globe.


I love travel in all its forms, from expedition cruising to lounging on a beach. And I've traveled extensively through the Caribbean, Europe, and North America (all the picture on this website are from my travels).


No matter what you want to do or where you want to go, I can help! 


Let's start planning...

Contact me anytime!

Email: ange.f@gotravelcompany.com
Phone: 1-877-987-4770 ext 1071

Located in New Brunswick, Canada


1-877-987-4770 ext 1071


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