How can I help?

In case you'd rather read than look at travel photos, here's the scoop. Go Travel was established in 1974, which makes it older than me! It's based in Alberta (proudly Canadian!) and we've got over 130 travel agents across the country. Although there's not many Go Travel agents in New Brunswick, as an agency we're definitely not new to the game. We're fully accredited with ACTA (Association of Canadian Travel Agencies) and IATA (International Air Transportation Association), both of which are major players in the travel industry. We're also aligned with a global travel consortium (Ensemble). So what does all this mean for you? It means we that we have lots of experience, know what we're doing, and have long-standing relationships with industry suppliers.

Why should you book with me?

If you read the first page, you'll remember travel is my thing. I love working in this industry, I love learning about new places and cultures, I love meeting new people, and I love getting to play a role in helping others see the world. I'm not a computer, so I care about you and that you have an amazing time on your adventures. I understand the saving and the dreaming that goes into them. And while loving this job and caring about you are very important, I'm also highly trained and have my Certified Travel Counsellor and Certified Cruise Counsellor designations. Don't let my quirky personality fool you - I'm organized, detail-oriented, and I just plain know a lot about travel (and how to book it). I attend supplier events and complete their training programs, travel often, and keep up with the industry news. I read and I research, all the time. You can see a selection of my qualifications here.

What services can I book for you?
This is a very long list - cruises (ocean, river, expedition), hotels (accommodations in general), resort packages, activities, transfers, flights, travel insurance, tickets, villas, bus tours, safaris, group travel, park passes, destination weddings, and more. Because we are part of a global consortia, we literally have thousands of preferred suppliers we work with. 

What are my fees?

Since Covid hit, those of us in this industry quickly realized how inadequate the compensation we receive for our time and knowledge really is. I will be charging planning fees starting in 2021 (I am currently working on this) and they will be shown here on my website soon.

Do people really use travel agents anymore?

The simple answer is yes - yes, they do. The amount of information out there on all things - especially travel things - is completely overwhelming. Try it.  Google "tours of Italy" and you'll get back a few results, and by a few I mean 573,000,000. I've been to Italy three times and have traveled all over that country. So wouldn't you rather talk to someone who's been there? Admittedly, I haven't been everywhere yet (it's on my list!) and that's where the hundreds and hundreds of hours of training I do annually come into play. And my amazing network of suppliers and colleagues. 


With travel, no matter how well things have been planned, things can and do go wrong. Our travel friendship doesn't end once you're booked. I'm on your team for the long haul. If something goes wrong, I'll help you sort it out - before you leave, while you're there, and after you get home. I don't just take the money and run!

Where are you?
The Internet sure makes the world small, doesn't it? I'm in New Brunswick, Canada. But, you don't have to live here to book with me. Because we have global supplier relationships, I can still help. 

Any perks?

Of course there are! I get it. There's boatloads (cruise ship loads?) of travel booking methods out there and a travel agent has to stand out in this competitive industry. I love giveaways. You can expect a little something as thanks with every booking. I'm always running contests on my Facebook page, so be sure to give it a like and participate there. I love (and reward) referrals that result in bookings too (you can read this as "please, tell everyone you know about me"). 

But wait, there's more...

I put a lot of pictures on all the other pages because I know sometimes I tend to get wordy. I just want to leave you with this. Often the cheapest price is not the best price - I know where the best value is and I'm happy to help you find it. And what you may think is a small booking is not a waste of my time. From a single hotel night in the city where you live to a trip around the world, I want to help you with all of it.