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Tips for Boosting Your Travel Budget

Updated: May 21, 2019

I don't know about you, but the list of places I want to visit just keeps getting longer. For all of us travelers, wouldn't an unlimited travel budget be great? But let's face it, it's probably not going to happen. You don't have to be rich to travel, but you do have to be focused and at least a little ruthless. Here's some tips to help boost your travel budget.

1 - Lattes are expensive! Stop buying them! OK, hold up - I'm not saying you should stop drinking coffee. I love coffee. I fear for the state of the universe if we all stop drinking coffee. But, if your daily schedule includes a trip to your favourite coffee chain, there's an opportunity for savings there. A $5 latte 5 days a week can equal $1300 a year for your travel budget instead.

2 - Sell unwanted or unneeded items.

We all have stuff kicking around that we don't use. Clothes that don't fit. Books we've already read. Declutter your space, add to your travel budget. Win win!

3 - Cooking is fun (or at least functional).

Most living spaces have a kitchen. Cooking in said kitchen is generally less expensive than eating at a restaurant. You can still have fun with friends - consider a potluck or a picnic instead. Spend less eating out, save for your dream trip.

4 - Bartering rocks! Are you good at something? Do you know other people who are good at things? I'm not saying this will always work - people who make their living with specialized skills may not want to rewire your kitchen or fix your car in exchange for a plate of cookies. But friends and family might.

5 - Cable schmable! Eight thousand channels and still nothing on? Do you really need cable? And those extra cable packages? And Netflix? And Prime? And Crave? I like TV too. In fact it's on right now. But if you have many TV-watching options, I bet you can scale it back. Or even just keep one of them active at a time.

6 - Stop buying stuff you don't need! Look in your closet. Do you really need another sweater? Do you really need the newest iPhone? Are you really going to use that shiny, new kitchen gadget? Yes, we all need clothes and other things. But start to think about your purchases, maybe even document them, and you might start to find you are spending money on things you don't need. And if you did, see point 2.

7 - Work for it.

Have some spare time? Consider picking up a part time job or even starting a small business.

8 - Collect points.

It's a fact. Points can decrease or eliminate the cost of some aspects of travel. But not all points and loyalty programs are created equal. Do your research. Is the interest on that credit card worth the reward? Are you spending money you could just be savings to earn extra points?

9 - Make the calendar work for you.

Some times of the year are more expensive than others. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, spring break - airlines, hotels, and other travel suppliers know when the holidays are, and in a supply and demand economy, prices are adjusted accordingly. Flexible dates give you more options to search for the best value, and getting the best value means less you have to save.

10 - Use a travel agent.

You should have seen this one coming. I can't make miracles happen - sometimes the price is the price, and that's it. But I can help you find the best value, and when you find the best value, more of your hard earned dollars stay in your travel budget so you can do fun things in destination (like drinking lattes, nights out, and restaurant eats - since you've been cutting down on those to diligently save for travel).

Contact me any time for help with your travel plans - ange.f@gotravelcompany.com

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