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Tips for Pro-Level Travel Packing

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

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Take the stress out of packing for your next adventure with these time and space-savings packing tips.

1 - Make a list. Check it twice.

If packing causes you immediate panic, sit down with a cup of your favourite tasty beverage and make a list. Put the most important stuff first (that's your passport, medications, and some form of money... not all the clothes you own), and then work day-to-day. Keep in mind that laundry services are available many places we travel, so you can bring less if you want.

2 - Pack less.

You've made your list. Now be ruthless. Do you really need ALL the things you put on it? Are you really going to go to the gym every day? Is 10 pairs of shoes really necessary? Save a little room in that suitcase. You might find something amazing in your destination that you want to bring home.

3 - Roll your clothes. There's a great debate between rolling and folding, but I'm firmly planted on team rolling. Rolling makes it easy to fit everything you need, find something quickly, and helps keep your clothes from wrinkling.

4 - Pack things inside other things.

Don't waste the space inside your shoes or a water bottle. Shove some socks or other bits and bobs inside them.

5 - Carry your breakables or valuables.

Don't put your $1000 camera or all your vacation travel funds in your checked bag. Keep those in your carry-on to avoid damage or loss. Keep other important items like your passport, phone, or important medications in your carry-on as well.

6 - Abide airline luggage restrictions.

Don't give the airlines more of your hard-earned vacation money because your suitcase is too heavy or your carry-on is too big. There's lots of great, portable luggage scales out there to help make sure you're on the right track.

7 - Get organized. Consider using compression packing bags or luggage cubes to keep yourself (and your suitcase) organized. Just don't get so organized that you forget about point 6! And make sure you put all your liquids in a waterproof bag (or two) - a suitcase full of clothes covered in toothpaste and shampoo is no fun at all.

8 - Aim small. How long are you traveling for? Do you actually need a checked bag? If you can fit everything in a carry-on sized backpack without killing yourself lugging it through miles of airport, you can save yourself some time (not waiting for your bag at the carousel) and money (not paying luggage fees).

9 - Go digital.

Love reading on holidays? Need some movies for the plane? Consider loading magazines, books, and movies onto your devices and leaving the heavy, hard copies at home.

Bonus Tip - Get insured. Sometimes luggage just doesn't make the same flight you do. Sometimes it takes a little trip of its own. Airlines normally get it back to you - eventually. Be sure to have insurance coverage so you won't be completely out-of-pocket for the unexpected expenses of not wearing the same clothes for 3 days until you get your luggage back.

Want to put your new-found packing expertise to the test? Get in touch any time for help planning your next adventure - ange.f@gotravelcompany.com

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