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Road Eats: Alaska

As anyone with dietary restrictions knows, finding tasty eats while traveling can sometimes be a challenge. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not starving and I can always find something, but it’s always a very pleasant surprise when there’s a lot of options available without having to make special requests. And when the only option isn't a salad.

Anchorage was a super pleasant surprise. We spent a day there before a cruise recently and I had absolutely no problem at all finding vegan eats everywhere we went.

First up – 49th State Brewing. I highly recommend this place (vegan or otherwise) if you are visiting Anchorage. It’s huge, with great beer options, and a menu with a lot of variety… including several vegan options right there on the menu, and several other options that can be made vegan. Not just a salad. Not just a veggie burger. Vegan pizzas. Amazing looking salads. Tacos. Bowls. I tried the vegan burger (they use the Impossible burger) with a salad – delish.

Wandering around downtown after supper, we happened across a long line outside Wild Scoops ice cream shop. But more importantly, said ice cream shop had a vegan option on the menu (blossom)… worth the wait in line - the ice cream was delicious.

We wandered through Anchorage Market and even found a stand with some vegan chocolate bars. We walked through the mall and there was a cake shop there that had a vegan brownie (I admittedly did not try this… I can only eat so much in a 16 hour span that also involves sleeping).

Our final meal in Anchorage was at Snow City Café. This place was packed solid before 7am with locals and tourists alike… I had a vegan scramble (veggies, replacement egg, impossible burger, peppers, salsa, etc.) – fantastic... best vegan breakfast I have ever had at a restaurant. And if you are coffee lover, there’s quite a list of options (though how many of their syrups, etc. are vegan, I’m not sure… I had plain coffee).

From Anchorage, we were off on an Alaskan cruise. While not all cruise lines are created equal in being able to accommodate dietary restrictions, they do all make a real effort. For meals in the buffet, there's always plenty of fruit and veg, so there's always something, but I was pleasantly surprised to see more vegan options appearing in the buffets.

We prefer to eat supper in a dining room though and I was incredibly impressed with how hard the team worked to create vegan options for me every night... they even made us a vegan anniversary cake!

One more vegan highlight for the trip... on a day in Skagway, we stopped into Skagway Brewing Company for a tasty beverage. The menu looked promising, so we decided to stay. Best. Vegan. Burger. Ever. (in a restaurant, anywhere).

Since this is something that matters to me when traveling, I thought it was worth sharing.

And obviously, since travel agent is my gig, if you ever need a hand with travel plans, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


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