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Road Eats: England and Scotland

Plant-based eaters - head to the UK! In all my travels, I've never been anywhere that it was so easy to find plant-based dining options. I don't think we encountered a single restaurant where there wasn't several vegetarian options clearly labeled on the menu, and nearly everywhere had some vegan options listed as well. No special requests required.

First up, without any prior research, our first stop in London at Brewdog resulted in delicious eats from a menu with a whole vegan section! The beer was great too.

For breakfast, connected to our hotel (DoubleTree by Hilton Tower of London) was Natural Selection. Delicious vegan breakfast!

The only place I had planned to visit in advance was Rudy's Dirty Vegan Diner in Camden Market. Highly recommend! Everything was delicious! As an extra bonus, there were several other vegan options at the Market, though we were too full to try all of them.

Coffee shops had vegan options clearly listed on the menu, and everywhere we went, there was no extra charge for soy milk as a dairy replacement (though many of them did charge extra for almond or coconut milk). Grocery stores had clearly marked vegan sections. Food halls like Marks & Spencer had loads of plant-based options besides just salad. We even went into a candy store with a huge vegan section.

We spent nearly two weeks traveling in England and Scotland and didn't run into any issues finding eats. A few hotel buffet breakfasts were a bit lacking, but some of them were surprising - with dairy alternatives and veggie sausages readily available. After a few days, plant-based options being so prevalent, I stopped making notes... so I will just leave you with a few more pictures I remembered to take (vegan hand pie from The Cornish Bakery - amazing!).

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